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Event Security

Amherst Security Professionals now provides Event Security!
We will work with your organization to ensure a safe environment for your staff and attendees. Our staff comes ready to work with all necessary equipment including: bright colored shirts that clearly identify them as security (these shirts are also numbered to aid in identification of each individual guard), portable two-way radios (utilizing our own frequency), rain gear and (depending on event size) our Command Center (fully equipped with lights, first aid and firefighting equipment) and our marked and lighted golf cart. Contact us early so that we can assist in the security planning for your event.

Common Event Security Questions:

So how many guards ? 

The simple answer to this question is you should get just as many as you would need to deal with a situation should it arise;

Lets say for example the event is a large event with 500 expected guests- with a DJ and alcohol served. If you only have 2 guards; with one at the front door and the other watching the 500 people at your party, do you think that would be enough if a fight broke out? 

Certainly not. 

Amherst Security uses the following ratios: 

Alcohol - 1 Guard to 75 Guests, plus protective sites (gates, assets, doors) 
No Alcohol- 1 Guard to 150 Guests, plus protective sites

10-50 People: 

It would be difficult to watch over 50 people on your own, especially if alcohol is served. If you're not going to have issues with people trying to enter your event, then your issues will all be internal. If your guests are going to be mainly in one, open spot, then you wont need as many guards. If you will be scattered throughout many areas, you will need more guards. 2-4 Guards for an event this size.

50 - 250 People
Now we're talking about a larger event! You are going to have alot more people, alot more vehicles and a lot more trouble so will need better event security. One thing to consider is how much space you are going to have for the group of people who will be in attendance. Oftentimes, people will have events in spaces that do not accommodate the people in attendance very well. People are bumping into each other, brushing by 5 people every 2 steps they take, and spilling their drinks. An example of this is a night club. If you are going to have 250 people in a tight space with spilling drinks and loud music, you are going to have a lot of problems on your hands. Do not skimp on Security. 4-12 Guards would be an estimated average for this position. 

250-1000 People: 

Essentially, you are going to have all the issues we mentioned above the multiplied by about 10. Luckily you wont need 10 times as many guards, or else you will have look like you have assembled a small army to maintain order. 12-30 guards would be ample for an event of this size. 

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Amherst Security Command Center and Golf Cart on location at the East Aurora, NY Music Festival, June 2017 and the Buffalo, New York Outer Harbor Fourth of July Carnival and Fireworks Event, July 2017.